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Warning: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Smoking is hazardous to your health. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. Should not be used by women that are pregnant or breast feeding. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of reach of children. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug.

Sales and Specials

Bringing you FIRE deals on the daily including:

Eighths @ $15

Halves @ $45

Ounces @ $90

2g/$30 BHO oil concentrate

NEW Half ounces from Mount Baker Gardens at $70/14g OR Mix n Match two 14gs for $125/28g!

And we still have a few excellently priced $100 Deluxe EO Vaporizer Kits at 60% off!!! = $40


MOTHER NATURE’S OWN on sale down from $12/g NOW $10/g, and 3.5gs down from $40/3.5g NOW $32/3.5g! 


Buddy Boy LCG half ounces are now ALL $85 $70/14g and we are also offering a mix n match deal on LCG 3.5gs and 7gs: 

Mix n match two LCG $25/3.5gs for $40 and/or mix n match two LCG $45/7gs for $75!!


 Buddy Boy 4g A-grade eighths for $25-$28 every day !






 ALL strains from Rootworx on SALE! $11/g and $37/3.5g!

BlackberryGorilla GlueBlue DreamHillbilly



Fruity Pebbles BHO 2g for $30 while supplies last!





DEEPWATER has some CRAZY deals!!! Check out their Orange CreamLemon MeringueSugar Plum, Extreme Cream, and Hawaiian Dutch















 EVEN BIGGER Price Drops on Natural Mystic A-grade now $10/g, $25/3.5g, $45/7g, $90/14g, and $160/28g



Many cartridges reduced in price!! 

Ionic CO2 cartridges were $50/g NOW $45/G and NEW half grams available for $28/.5g

Honu CO2 cartridges were $30/.5g NOW $25/.5g

Cannasol CO2 cartridges were $35/.5g NOW $20/.5g




Check out these great everyday Deals:


$15-$17/g BHO

Gorilla Glue Blue Sky BHO Bellingham marijuana dispensary pot shop



1g Premium Pre rolls @ $6-$10



Pre roll 2-packs from Florigen $7/1.5g (two .75g J’s) and also 10 packs of .75g j’s for $32/7.5g


1g pre roll Bellingham, WA marijuana cannabis pot shop



Pre roll Party packs: Half Oz: $70 – $80


Walden 28 pack pre roll jars Bellingham marijuana dispensary pot shop

These are just some of our everyday prices:


 $3 edibles, $4 pre rolls, $6 grams

1g BHO @$15

2g’s currently as low as $10

3.5g’s currently as low as $15

7g’s @ $35

$60 half ounces

$40 ounces (low potency ~7% THCA)

$90 ounces (average potency at ~20% THCA)





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